Well Designed and Constructed Grater

Well Designed and Constructed GraterWell designed and constructed grater


Two seconds after I unpacked the SuperEze and stood it next to my motley collection, I threw out the rest of my box graters, including a very nice OXO that had been my favorite. None of them compared on any level; size, weight, grating surface, or stability.

This grater is HUGE! It’s easily 20% bigger all the way around than even the OXO. The grating surfaces are proportionately bigger which is a very nice time saver. The big holes are big, and even the tiny holes are big enough to actually, you know, grate something, rather than just get cheese or pulp clogged up in the holes.

Although this is described as a 4 sided grater, the corners bow out for extra stability. Stability is not a problem either, thanks to both the shape and the non-slip bottom edges. In case you have a whole lot of vegetable prep ahead of you, there’s also a real working slicer on one side.

As can be seen in the picture, the bottom is a detachable storage container for your sliced or grated food. I can’t get over how this is the uber grater. You won’t need another for a very long time. It would also make a great gift.

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Well Designed and Constructed Grater

As you can see, the SuperEze cheese grater is more than capable of holding its own compared to many other well known brands, including OXO. In this case our customer has thrown away their old OXO cheese grater and replaced it with our well designed and constructed grater, the SuperEze cheese grater.