St Patricks Day Cookies

Leprechaun’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

So its coming round to St Patrick’s Day. The time of year when pretty much the whole world turns green. The 17th of March is a special time of the year. It is when we see the likes of the Empire State Building, or the Sydney Opera house, the Golden Gate and numerous other landmarks around the world turn green to celebrate with the party loving Irish. Here at SuperEze, we think the kitchen should be no different haha. We have come across a delicious spin on the much loved chocolate chip cookie to make St Patricks Day Cookies – its the Leprechaun’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

St Patricks Day Cookies - Leprechaun’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

St Patricks Day – Leprechaun’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have put together a little treat for you with a downloadable recipe for the cookies. The recipe uses a cup for measurement which will make very large cookies. But if you want smaller cookies then of course we do recommend our St Patricks Day Cookie Scoop , and our scoop isn’t just for Patrick’s Day either 😀