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 Check out some of the features and benefits of the SuperEze cheese grater and manual vegetable grater & slicer available on the market today.


Stainless Steel 4-sided Box Cheese & Vegetable Grater & Slicer

Enjoy Your Eze Grating!

– Tired Of Needing Several Different Items To Grate, Slice, Zest & Shred?

– Fed Up With Messy Graters With No Container Box That Just Slide All Over The Place?

– Had enough of blunt and dull graters that require the upper body strength of a body builder to use?

Introducing our very own SuperEze 4-sided Box SuperEze Cheese Grater & Slicer To The Rescue


– Detachable Non Slip Base so it wont slide around and which makes for easy cleaning.SuperEze Cheese & Vegetable Grater & Slicer

– Food container can be used for storage or as a food catcher (Will catch 80%+) so less mess created.

– Can be used as a veggie slicer and shredder

– Wide handle for easy and comfortable grip, made from BPA free materials and is recyclable.

– 4 different grating options. Fine, Medium, Coarse & Slicing. Can also be used for Zesting.

– Extra strong sharp stainless steel for superior grating and enhanced slicing.

– Storage container with lid that fits inside the cheese grater for convenience.

– Dishwasher safe but hand-washing recommended.

– Large grating surface, so therefore requires less time and effort to complete your grating needs.

– Size:

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Thank you for checking out our SuperEze Cheese & Vegetable Grater & Slicer. We believe it is the best cheese grater on the market and by far out performs even commercial cheese graters. It is a product we are very proud of.