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SuperEze Cheese Grater Reviews

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Approximately a month ago the kitchen gadgets experts, SuperEze, launched their first product, the SuperEze Cheese Grater & Veggie Slicer live on Amazon. It came at a time when the company had done quite a lot of promotions and press releases prior to it’s initial launch. So it is time to check in and see how the product has fared so far, with a special interview from SuperEze CEO, Jason.

“We are delighted with the launch of our new product, the SuperEze 4 Sided Box Grater. It has been a tremendous success so far, and we are sure that will continue to be the case. We were confident our product would live up to customer demands, and from the feedback we have so far received from buyers, is that, it has done that and more.

It’s been humbling to read some of the fantastic reviews from our customers. They simply love our new SuperEze Cheese Grater. It goes to show, that if you create an excellent product for consumers they will reward you with their custom and feedback. These are just some of the responses we received from dozens of happy customers so far.

SuperEze Cheese Grater Reviews

Hands down, the BEST grater I’ve ever owned!! – KHansen
A Must Have for the Kitchen! – B. Stout
Highly Recommended – Robert C. Durbin
Goodbye old grater, hello new grater – Joetagaz
Absolutely LOVE it – Taken by the best
Awesome Grater – Peter
Nice box grater with some great additions – JWink
Best cheese grater! – A.Drewes
I really like you can grate right into the container, no mess – Hockeypuck CT
Great for elderly and visually impaired users! – AmazonJavaJunki
This is perfect for all of your grating needs – FamilyTesters


Some of our customers even complemented us on aspects of our grater that we never even thought about, like AmazonJavaJunki, who told us it was perfect for their visually impaired family member. It’s only once a product hits the shelves that you really know if it’s good enough or not, and you can always see that from customer feedback and sales.” reported Jason.

After receiving feedback from their customers, SuperEze have announced that they were taking these recommendations into consideration for future product upgrades and enhancements of their cheese grater, and that the new upgrades would be ready for the end of year rush.

“Some of the tips are product ideas that customers have left, have given us some great ideas for future upgrades. We have planned some feature upgrades for our Cheese Grater, but thanks to feedback from our customers we now know exactly what they want from our product.
We are planning on launching a stand alone food catcher container for our SuperEze Cheese Grater, as customers love it so much. We are also planning some fantastic product improvements of our current grater that we are very confident that our customers will love. We are keeping that one a secret for now, but we will have more information on this new upgrade over the next few weeks, and we will have the new improved SuperEze Cheese Grater released before the Holiday rush.

Now the word is out, we are confident that more customers will see and trust our SuperEze brand, as a key leader in the quality home products range, and of course if customers want to get in contact with us, they can view our website, or our SuperEze Facebook Page.” replied Jason



So it looks like the SuperEze Brand is off to a winning start if their customer feedback reviews is anything to go by, plus their planned future upgrades. At the time of this press release SuperEze had 30 product reviews from their customers for their SuperEze cheese Grater, which resulted in an overall score of 4.9 out of 5 Stars, which is as close to a perfect score as is possible. Is the SuperEze Cheese Grater the best cheese grater ever?
As the company have stated, they are planning on adding some additional features and upgrades to their cheese grater, so SuperEze plan on improving what is already considered an excellent product according to their customers. The new features are expected to be completed and ready for customers to purchase in time for the holiday season and Christmas rush.