Best Silicone Baking Mat

Amazon choice for best silicone baking mat

Is this the best silicone baking mat on Amazon? Perhaps. Shortly after the release of our SuperEze baking mat set, we were awarded the Amazon Choice award for best silicone baking mats. This is a very prestigious award to win. It is only given by Amazon to products they feel are among the very best available. This is a testament to the high quality products that SuperEze produce. It follows on from the success we had with our SuperEze Icecream Scoop, which won the Best New Release badge and Amazon Choice award last year.


Silicone Mat is Top Quality

Reusable Silicone Cooking Mat

It is not just Amazon who believe that our silicon baking mats are top quality, and deserving of an award. So do our customers. We have received some fantastic reviews from our customers, who love our new non stick baking liners. They are so easy and hassle free to use. You no longer need to waste money buying pam, parchment paper, or aluminum foil. They have no odor and are hugely versatile as well.


Silicone Pastry Rolling MatsDouglas S wrote that our heat resistant baking liners arrived super fast and are extremely durable. This is very important when you are buying a baking mat liner as there are a lot of very low quality cheap items on the market. He went on to say that his wife has owned lots of different baking pads in the past that were low quality, but our non-stick liners are heavy duty and durable, and are great value.


Macaron Silicone MatThe quality of SuperEze products is very visible when you see customers returning and purchasing more of our products – just like L.Rapier. She is a fantastic regular customer of ours and loves all our products.  She has previously purchased our cookie scoops and wanted to get our new baking liners to go with them. As you can read from her review, she really loves  the baking liners. She baked perfect cookies, and they all cooked evenly. She saved moved on parchment baking paper and also said it was extremely easy to clean up. And i think, best of all, she mentions how well we look after all of our customers who shop with us. Without great customers like you, we wouldn’t have a business.


silicone baking mat


Versatility Of the Silicon Baking Mat

silpat silicon Baking mats for bacon

Our Cooking Liners are perfect for crispy bacon

A good silicon cooking mat is a fantastic bakeware accessory to have in your kitchen. Our silicone rolling mats are reusable hundreds of times. They are nonstick mats. They perfectly fit a half size bakers sheet (size: 16.5″ x 11 5/8″). So if you have any non stick baking sheets at home, this will be an excellent addition to your kitchen. They are a dishwasher safe baking mat, so you can just pop them in the dishwasher for a fast and easy clean up. These cooking liners are not just for cookies or macaroons. They have so many uses and are very versatile, heavy-duty and durable.



Silicone Macaron Baking Mat Set

Silicone Baking Mat for Cookies


You can cook mouthwatering crispy bacon, it is fantastic for fish. Some customers have used it for roasting vegetables, and for baking hamburgers. We ourselves have used it many times for cooking croissants, and of course it is a perfect pastry mat for cookies. The non stick surface means it is simple to clean. Because there is no need for cooking oil or sprays, you will be able to prepare healthy meals for you and your family. The list of uses is almost endless.



So if you are looking for a top quality silicone baking mat set, then look no further than SuperEze. You are backed by our lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. You can see from our reviews, feedback and from our previous customers, that we truly are a company who cares about our customers. if you ever have a problem with any of our products, just let us know, and we will get it fixed for you straight away. Happy Cooking and Baking 🙂


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