Left-Handed Ice Cream Scoop

Left-Handed Ice Cream Scoop

Versatile scoop that can be used as either a right or left-handed ice cream scoop

We got a lovely story by email (below) recently from a new customer of ours. She told us of the difficulties she had finding a good left-handed ice cream scoop.

Left-Handed Ice Cream Scoop

I had been searching for a long period of time for an ice cream scoop that does the job as well for both right handed or left handed folks like myself- it’s pretty much inconceivable to look for left handed cookie scoops. Certainly I could have gone with those 1-piece straightforward ice cream scoop models that appeared more like a cross between a soup and a spoon ladle. Because there were no mechanized parts, that would be the most realistic preference for my left handedness? There’s a small snag. I don’t like these types of ice cream scoops.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do respect their straightforwardness yet ingenuous model, most especially those that already incorporate so-called heat conducting aspects so there truly is no need to run the ice cream scoop beneath hot or warm water ever again. I am vintage and therefore strongly believe that the ice cream is best scooped with a real, genuine ice cream scoop the way Cralle devised it in 1897.

Left Handed Disher

Now, I have used alot of commercial ice cream scoops termed dishers. Incidentally, they are referred to as dishers since a solitary scoop is sufficient to portion a specific dish. You require a single or two portions of a particular dish? You have to be given one or two scoops of that dish. Due to this they refer to it as a disher. Now returning. I did use a few. The challenge is that a few of the release features are built as if it can only be used by a right handed person. Of course, I still can use it but at a significant effort on my part. Which is where my dilemma is. I was left with 2 possibilities. 1 is to train my right hand to use the gadget. The other 1 was to make my right hand to a lot more powerful. Neither one was simple.

Left Handed Difficulties

I have consistently served my whole family and my buddies to my very own style of home-made ice cream. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing better than hearing their approvals about how fantastic-looking my balls of ice creams are on their cones. The thing is it wasn’t always like this. You see, I am a lefty, a left-handed person. Do not knock me but I have always had troubles using specific kitchen gadgets that probably were actually made for right handed folks.

A buddy suggested I give the SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop a go. She showed me it would make a fantastic left handed disher. Originally I confess I was cynical. I thought, here we go again. Try and then get upset all over again. Needless to say, being a really good pal, I did not inform my buddy of my thoughts, and therefore I did give the SuperEze scoop a try. Lo, and behold! It got the job done like a beauty. Certainly, the style was similar to the some other mechanized ice cream scoops that I have taken a shot at. What I was really astounded with was the exact same squeezy handles of the SuperEze ice cream scoop. The scoop felt very comfy to use since the handles are exactly the same and there were no levers nor springs on the release system. And for the very first time in my ice cream scooping way of life, I never really felt the pain and irritation that had become symbolic of my ice cream scooping escapades.

Now, I am making use of the SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop when ever I need to do any food preparations and not only scoop my relatives and good friends their ice cream. You can say, my left handedness was solved by SuperEze.