Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes the cheese grater is dishwater safe, however we do recommend that you hand-wash the grater. If you do place it in the dishwasher, then place it in the lower part of the dishwasher. Put it in the BACK of your dishwasher in case you have a dog that likes to come up and try to lick items in your lower dishwasher. The grater should be placed at an angle perpendicular to the handle (to allow drainage from any water that may be held in the structure). We also advise that you REMOVE the silicone non-slip base prior to placing in the dishwasher, as the excessive heat may warp its size and shape.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the SuperEze Cheese grater is easy to clean. It is recommended to hand wash it in warm soapy water. The easiest way to clean is to wash it form the inside first, this will clean most of the debris. When cleaning the outside of the grater, you should wash it in the opposite direction that you would grate. If you wish to use a dishwasher, please refer to the previous question.

I need one for grating carrots, potatoes and other “harder” vegetables (compare to cheese). Will this one do a good job with these kind of vegetables?Frequently Asked Questions about the Supereze cheese grater

Yes it will. Because of the premium quality of the stainless steel, our grater is both very strong and very sharp. It will grate and slice even hard root vegetables like carrots and parsnips. We have also tested it on potatoes and turnips, and it worked very well,although initially not designed for this purpose. (It would be advisable to slightly cook some very hard root vegetables like turnips first)

Is it good for Zesting?

Yes, one side of our 4 sided grater is designed with zesting in mind. It works very well on lemons, limes, pomelostangelos, tangerines, clementine, kumquats, grapefruits and oranges etc.

Is this stainless steel or just crappy metal?

The SuperEze Cheese Grater is made from premium high quality  stainless steel, which provides a rigid and sturdy frame. This grater is way ahead of most, if not all its rivals.

Will it shave chocolate and Parmesan for garnish?

Yes, the SuperEze Grater works very well on chocolate and Parmesan. It also works well on nuts.

Does this rust if you wash it in the dishwasher?

No, the grater will not rust. However, we do recommend that you thoroughly dry the grater after washing to ensure no rusting takes place.

How big is the food container?

The food catcher and container holds approximately 3 cups or 720ml.

I’m nervous about sharp blades. Besides being careful, is there a buffer tool?

No, use a clean kitchen towel to hold whatever you are cutting. Professional chefs do this all the time with graters and mandolins.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be updating and adding more frequently asked questions as they come in from our customers, so do check back again. I am sure you will agree this is the best cheese grater on the market and more than holds its own against other commercial cheese graters.





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