Clever Design Puts This Grater On Top- Cheese Grater Review

Clever Design Puts This Grater On Top

SuperEze Cheese Grater Review

SuperEze Cheese Grater Review

Over the years, as I’ve developed my culinary skills, I’ve been gradually adding better quality, highly functional tools to my kitchen. For the most part, simple is usually better, and I’ve seldom been tempted to replace tools that are working well for me, but when the manufacturer of this SuperEze grater offered me a sample in exchange for a review, I decided to give it a try.

You wouldn’t think a thing like a grater was something that could be improved upon, but this grater is better than the one I had in a lot of ways. First of all, it’s large. It basically can cover up my grater and then some. That means in regular use, it is faster and easier to grate, slice and chop just about anything. It made short work of carrots when I was cooking up some plov, does a great job on purple cabbage, making it easy to add some color to any salad, and a hunk of mozzarella was made pizza ready in just a few swipes. I’d’ve been happy if the advantages stopped there, but there’s more.

The SuperEze also comes with a container and lid (photo 1). The container just fits on the bottom of the grater, catching all the morsels as you shred or slice (photo 2). Then you just grab the container and sprinkle the contents wherever you want. If you happen to over-shred, no problem. You just slap on the lid and put the whole thing in your fridge, ready for the next time. That way (back to the purple cabbage), you can shred a bunch at once and put the rest away for another occasion. When not in use, you can invert the container and it fits snugly inside the grater to take up less storage space (photo 3). Very smart, very compact, very nice.

I’ve been really impressed with SuperEze and happy that it’s five star quality and design have been added to my kitchen arsenal.

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