Cheese Grater News Picked up by Media Sites

SuperEze Box Grater With Storage Container

SuperEze Box Grater

We recently released a new updated product page for our SuperEze Box Cheese Grater and the news was immediately picked by several media sites around the world. The brand and reputation of SuperEze continues to grow, led by their initial product, the SuperEze Box Grater. Customers just love our product and we continue to receive loads of positive feedback from some of the hundreds of customers who have purchased so far.

SuperEze Box Grater

We launched our SuperEze Box Grater  back in July and it has proven to be very successful for us. It is our company’s leading product and we’ve had hundreds of customers who have purchased our handheld grater, and have received over 50 positive reviews from these happy customers so far. We firmly believe our box cheese grater is among the best cheese graters on the market, and from customer reviews, we can see, it has even surpassed some well known commercial cheese graters for it’s versatility and design. read more about the box grater here

We have continued to develop and upgrade our handheld grater from queries and feedback received from customers, and it has proven to be successful, as sales continue to grow.