Best Tips to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen

Tips to save time and money, well, we all need them don’t we? We all waste a lot of time and money when we go shopping. Money, time and your wits are your best resources. The aim is to create better meals at home. These little tips can help you become a pro in the kitchen and make you a faster and better cook.

Tips to save time and money

Tips to save time and money

Tips to save time and money – Make your own dough balls

Make your own cookies

Prepare your own cookie dough. Make scoops of cookie dough balls and freeze them on a parchment lined tray. Place all the frozen balls into a zip lock bag. When you want to make some fresh cookies, just place the dough balls directly on a baking tray (no need to defrost). You can throw them straight into the oven while doing other chores. Of course a good cookie dough scoop is required.

Save your breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are brilliant. More than likely they are just sitting round your kitchen waiting for you to notice them. Take the first and last slices from your bread, the heal, usually the part the kids dont like. Use the broken crackers at the bottom of the box, or the last chips from the bag. Drop them all in a food processor, add some herbs, a little olive oil and whisk them altogether. Freeze the crumbs. You can use it to bread chicken, make stuffing, add it to a casserole, or scatter over some steamed vegetables or fish.

Simple tips to save money

Chop & Freeze

Chop up a whole onion, or some fresh herbs, and freeze in a little container. Some evening when your trying to prepare dinner in lightning fashion, you will be glad you had these prepared earlier.

Leftover Sauce

Didn’t finish the whole tube of tomato paste or pizza sauce. Squeeze it into a sandwich bag, zip lock it, and lay it flat in the freezer. Later you can just cut off the bit you need and off you go.

Doggie Bags

Take home leftovers from the restaurant. Use them as a flavor booster. A little leftover sauce will improve your chops, a burger or vegetables. A piece of leftover fish can be used with your scrambled eggs.


These may not be among the 10 best money saving tips, but I hope you found these tips to save time and money useful, don’t forget to share.