Best Ice-Cream Scoop on Amazon

The SuperEze Ice-cream Scoop, was launched on Amazon in mid December. It has proven to be a huge success. It has now received the accolade of been the Number 1 New Release on Amazon. This is a huge achievement for any company to receive. Especially considering the amount of competition there is in the marketplace. For a relatively new company, this is almost unheard of.

We are Super proud and it shows that if a company offers a high quality premium product, at a reasonable price, then customers will reward you with their business.

best selling ice-cream scoop

SuperEze Scoop is the Number 1 New Released Icecream Scoop on Amazon


Best Selling Ice-cream Scoop

Premium quality 304 stainless steel is used to make the SuperEze Ice cream Scooper . This puts us ahead of most metal scoops on the market. The SuperEze scoop will not blemish or tarnish over time. It is also 100% BPA free so it will not leach any chemicals into your food stuff unlike plastic scoops. One of the extra bonuses of our scoop is its versatility. The icecream scoop can be used for a multitude of tasks from scooping mashed potatoes, making cupcakes, perfectly sized pancakes, to serving delicious cookies. SuperEze also have a handy ice cream scoop sizes chart so you can easily see the exact size you are ordering.

Hot New Release ice cream scoop“We launched our second product, the SuperEze Ice-Cream Scooper, just before the holiday season in late 2015, and it has proven to be a huge success and favorite of customers. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality products for customers. But it was still a slight surprise to us to be the best selling ice cream scoop on Amazon ( Out of the hundreds of sellers who have similar products to us, we were the best. It just goes to prove if you provide high quality products customers will reward you with their business” reported company owner, Jason.

The Number One Hot New Release, the SuperEze Ice-Cream Disher Scoop is produced from the highest quality 304 stainless steel. The bowl of the scooper is 6cm wide and it has a handle that is 16cm attached to the end of it. The total length is approximately 22cm. The high quality stainless steel ensures the product does not rust or stain over time. It is 100% BPA Free and does not leach any harmful chemicals into ones food. The scoop is also a very versatile product and as a result it can be used for multiple jobs other than scooping ice cream.

“Apart from been a premium product, I think one of the big advantages our product offers is it’s versatility. Although we advertise it as an ice-cream scooper, it is actually much more than that. We have had numerous customers telling us what they have used it for- anywhere from scooping cookie dough, meatballs, cooking pancakes, making perfect scoops of mashed potato, to using it for portion control and calorie intake. Our imagination is the only thing that limits us. We have always tried to find versatile products with multiple uses so that a customer can purchase one product but use it for many tasks”, replied Jason.” Read the full report on the SuperEze Ice-cream scoop here.


Our SuperEze scoop is as good as any commercial icecream scoops on the market, and better than most. We are very proud to source premium products for our customers. These same customers have rewarded us, by making our scooper the number one released product on Amazon. So if you are looking for a high quality scoop that is hugely versatile, then check out our SuperEze Ice-Cream Scoop on Amazon. Customers will be very happy with their choice.


IceCream Scoop Set

Update June 3rd 2017:

Since we received the Best New Release award we have released a new updated and upgraded set of icecream scoops. This new set of scoops has also been hugely popular with customers. It has won the prestigious Amazon Choice Award for ice cream scoops. SuperEze only believe in providing the best products for our customers. As such SuperEze has been rewarded with some of Amazons top award badges as proof of the quality of the products we sell.