Amazon Choice of Best Ice-cream Scooper

Do SuperEze have the best ice-cream scooper ? Well if you go by what Amazon say, then the answer would be yes. SuperEze has claimed another very highly sought after award, the Amazon Choice Award. This prestigious award is only given to high quality products. A variety of factors are taken into consideration by Amazon. Before awarding the Amazon Choice badge factors including popularity, rating and reviews, are taken into account. As well as those, availability, shipping speed, highly-rated, and they are pitted against all other Prime-eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

Best Ice-cream Scooper

SuperEze Ice cream Scoop receives the Amazon Choice Award


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Best Ice-cream Scooper

Hot New Release ice cream scoopWhen you take into consideration that the ice-cream scooper set has only been on sale for a month, this is a fantastic achievement for SuperEze. This is not the first time we have received an award for our amazing icecream scoops. One of our previous scoops, the size #14 large icecream scoop also received the award of Best New Release just a few months ago. We have taken a lot of time sourcing a top rated supplier who was able to provide us with a premium quality scooper. Even though our previous scoops have been hugely popular. We still wanted to improve upon it. We sourced a much heavier, stronger, heavy duty scooper in order to have, what we believe is one of the best icecream & cookie scoops available on Amazon – and after receiving two of amazons top award badges, it is clear to see both Amazon and our customers agree with us.


Not Just An Ice-cream Scoop

One of the great things about our new scoops set is how versatile they are. With 3 different sized scoops there is almost an endless amount of tasks you can use it for :

The 40 mm dropper scoop is probably best used for small mini cookies, as a melon baller, or for small Swedish meatballs.
The 50 mm scoopers are perfect for medium sized cookies. Can also be used for quite large meatballs, mini cupcakes, rice balls or a small portion of ice cream.
The 60 mm larger scoop is suitable for balls of icecream, giant cookies. It perfect for cupcakes, muffins and as a portion control metal disher.


We are a small family run business. Above all else, we strongly believe in both quality products and exceptional customer service. So check out our new scooper set on Amazon – i guarantee you wont be disappointed

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